Kimmo Vennonen

I am involved in many activities combining music, acoustics and audio, working from my studio in Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra City. I serve a diverse base of clients in the arts from the Canberra region and beyond, and specialise in sound design and mastering. 

Since 1991 I have worked extensively for many of Canberra's dance and theatre companies. In 2010 I won the MEAA Green Room Award for "creative and innovative sound design". My sound sculptures have been installed in indoor and outdoor public spaces. I have been in community radio since 1982, and in 1991 contributed to a piece called "Collaborations" with Jim Denley that won the prestigious Prix Italia for the ABC. 

In 1992 I undertook a Graduate Diploma in Music (Computer Music) at the ANU supervised by David Worrall, specialising in immersive sound in a geodesic dome. This led to being an ANU Visiting Fellow 1995-1998. For over two decades I have been switched on to 3D sound recording and mixing.  

I feel a special responsibilty to the artists who have trusted me with their mastering work, since 1996. Built on my early years of broadcast experience, I am keenly aware of my role as the final quality control.  

I look forward to much more collaboration and exploration in music and arts and I strive to keep my creative ground fertile. I am deeply committed to my professional practice that spans the genres and I work to ensure that every activity is open, sustainable and energising for all involved.

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